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Tellington Training helps horses and humans respond to each other intellegently. Rather than reacting instinctually, it encourarges an open heart and mind. Choosing higher functioning and  true cooperation.

Tellington TTouch is a gentle form of body work which reminds the body of its potential for perfect functioning. It facilitates optimal health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems.

TTellington groundwork consists of leading positions and work in our playground for higher learning. This helps the horse to use their body more effeciently with greater awareness. This leads to better performance under saddle and an increased willingness to give their best.

The Joy of Riding uses the trust created to ride in harmony. Often with increased understanding and

communication you can ride the horse with only a liberty ring. Both horse and rider enjoy the experience of freedom and heart connection.

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TTouch Workshop

The Tellington TTouch and TTEAM method helps to relieve tension, fear of contact, soreness or discomfort. Learn to transform nervous, spooky or resistant horses and improve their attitude and behavior.


Audiovisual Conference

I love to talk about my work and my books! I have spoken in front of a variety of audiences and am doing regular facebook lives, that I am also uploading on you tube.



I offer internships to learn Tellington training in all of its aspects as well as aromatherapy and everything to do with running a breeding farm in exchange for help and taking care of the ranch.

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