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meet our MARES

We have carefully selected our broodmare band. We wanted mares who would complement and strengthen the Topol blood of our foundation stallion *Ghazni, whom I brought with me from Germany. We were looking for mares who were correct, very athletic and had good, trainable minds. We found them in the world famous herd of Willomar Arabians. We purchased the mares Sophisticate by El Kasaka, Ma amoiselle by El Kasaka and Jaina by Pyatigorsk.

These mares have given us treasured foals who are now our next generation of broodmares, continuing in the footsteps of their dams.


Our mares live in herds, roaming over our large pastures with their foals. They come in for feeding and regular care. We believe in riding our mares before we breed them, which gives us an opportunity to bond with them and also shows their athletic ability and trainability.

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1993 bay mare

Jaina is an ultra - refined and athletic Pyatigorsk daughter who has given us some of our best foals. Her colt “Main Smoke” by *Ghazni is sold to Dr. George Allen of Willomar Arabians and very successfully standing at stud, siring beautiful athletes.

We have retained several of her fillies and are offering some of them for sale now. Jaina is a great mother and has a wonderful temperament. She is well trained under saddle and was ridden even by our children. I am always fascinated and pleased by the consistent quality of her foals, their outstanding movement and soft minds.

Jaina came to us as a 4 year old with very little exposure to humans and no training under saddle. When you start a horse under saddle you learn a lot about that horse. Jaina has always impressed me with her quick ability to learn, her eagerness to please and her talent and balance.


As you can see in this photo my daughter Linette used to ride her in just a halter, while Lena, one of our TTEAM interns from Germany, rode her in a snaffle asking for collection and contact. Jaina’s foals have inherited her trainability, soft mind and wonderful movement.

Pandora Kay


1996 bay mare

Pandora Kay is a gem in our broodmare band and replaces her beloved dam Sophisticate in our breeding program, whom we lost to colic a few years ago. She exhibits her dam’s refinement, sensitivity and elegance and also passes these traits along to her foals. Her 2011 filly by “Imagine That Ma” is a brilliant mover and combines her dam’s qualities with the structure and racing ability of her sire.

Pandora is a lady, sensitive but sensible and willing to do whatever you ask of her. She is a very protective mother but knows that she can trust us with her foals.



 2001 bay mare

Her 4 crosses to Priboj make this mare very interesting, as she has some of the best bloodlines Russia and Poland have to offer. Mia is just what one would hope for: An elegant mare with "sparkles on her feet"...she shows excellent movement, has great bone and is built to be a superb athlete: Dressage, racing, endurance....she can take you where you want to go and has the power to influence any serious breeding program. She is a "Grand Dame" like her mother Ma amoiselle. She is a powerful, most beautiful mare with a wonderful attitude towards people. Mia raced very successfully in endurance, always top ten and also graced with the veterany award! She has given us two beautiful colts and is now retired.



1992 grey mare

Pewtere was bred by Dr. George Allen of Willomar Arabians.

Her sire Protocall is one of the best producing stallions of the Priboj sire line in the US and Canada.

Pewtere’s half-brother Pygmalion was one of six Endurance horses selected to represent the United States at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen Germany. Pygmalion was the top US finisher in the 100 mile World Championship endurance ride and finished 15th overall. The exceptional athletic ability of this line is also evident in Protocall's full brother Reason To Believe who was crowned the 2006 National Endurance Champion, the 2007 Reserve Champion and was the leading contender at the 2008 FEI world endurance championship in Malaysia. Another full Brother, the then three year old Tak won the 1993 California Racing Futurity followed by an impressive 1994 racing season. After Tak's exportation to the United Arab Emirates he exhibited a stellar five season racing career. On her dam’s side Pewtere traces back to Ptaschka via Pesnia and has also two lines to the world famous Russian stallion Arax.

Pewtere passes her wonderful disposition and excellent conformation combined with a HUGE trot on to her foals. She is very well trained under saddle and a joy to ride.

We are extremely pleased with Ghaznikhan, her last colt by *Ghazni, now 4 years old. He has the size, substance and great mind we had hoped for and is being started under saddle. He is extremely willing to please and will be grey like his dam. 

Her 2011 colt by PV Siddartha is also exceptional. Very correct and fast with a gorgeous head and huge eyes!

Pewetere  is very well trained under saddle and a lot of fun to ride. She has a wonderful trot and is great out on the trails, as well as in the arena. She can give even a novice rider a wonderful feeling of how a balanced  horse should move. Linette is about 6 in this photo and as you can see both enjoy their time together very much.

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