We believe in keeping our stallions in a natural breeding environment. They live with their mares and foals or at least with another horse for company. They have plenty of room to run and be outside and as a result are easy to handle and well balanced.

We retained one of our *Ghazni sons for breeding.

In 2010 we bought the Monarch AH son “Imagine that Ma”.  He has produced outstanding foals for us and we are looking forward to more foals in 2020.

Aside from correctness, outstanding movement and athletic ability our stallion’s temperament is of utmost importance to us. I expect them to be willing to work with me, respectful and well-mannered in any situation. With Tellington Training they learn to think, rather than just react and therefore are able to exercise self-control and work with us.

I treat them the way I would like to be treated and I let them be horses, giving them the freedom to live in a herd, be outside and have a normal social life. We also offer boarding for outside mares and can breed them in hand if you prefer that.

Imagine That Ma



This Monarch AH (winner of over $ 200,000) son is a big, bay race winner, who's foals are also winning on the track. His pedigree contains the royalty of Arabian racing: Monarch AH, Wiking, *Sasanka,(Polish Triple Crown winner) *Krezus and *Orla. Monarch AH was sold to the Middle East.

In addition to being athletically bred, Imagine That Ma has seize and a gentle disposition which he passes along to his foals. He is 15.1 hands.

2021 stud fee $ 900. LFG.




This stallion is linebred to Priboj via Topol and Pyatigorsk.

He is extremely athletic and a phenomenal mover. He will be a sport horse suprem,  has a very good mind amd imoeccable ground manners.

He has sired one daughter for us so far, (PV Sade)  who is the best mover of our young horses.

His dam is a half sister to Pygmalion, best US horse in the 2006 World Equestrian games. Also closely related to "Reason to Believe" 100 mile endurance Champion. If you are looking for a sire who will produce a Top performance he is! He is 14.3 hands


2021 Studfee $ 800. LFG.




Our "crown prince"! This is a very special stallion, producing our typiest foals! His movement is outstanding! He has an exceptionally free shoulder and a floating trot to take your breath away. He combines his dam's elegance and refinement with his sires athletic ability and power. Siddartha has a fine throatlatch and long neck, short back, strong hindquarters and great temperament. This is a superb athlete and herd sire. He is 14.3 hands.

Sold to Canada and Standing now at Touchwood Arabians!