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TTouch Workshop

The Tellington TTouch and TTEAM method helps to relieve tension, fear of contact, soreness or discomfort. Learn to transform nervous, spooky or resistant horses and improve their attitude and behavior. With TTouch your horse will enjoy learning and cooperate willingly. TTouch has been used extensively to speed healing and recovery from injury and illness. TTouch techniques for first aid are an invaluable tool in case of emergencies. 

It is also useful for horses who do not have problems, improving their ability to learn and their general wellbeing. TTouch will give you tools to develop a deeper relationship with your horse and gain cooperation without dominance.

A series of TTEAM Ground Exercises enable a horse to override old patterns and to learn without fear or force. Using a variety of obstacles including labyrinth, ground poles and plastic, TTEAM exercises result in self-control, focus, self-confidence, cooperation, balance, coordination and improved performance.

Andrea Pabel Deane is a certified TTEAM practitioner II and has used TTEAM for over 25 years, teaching clinics both in Europe and the US. She is the Co-author of Linda Tellington Jones book “Let’s Ride” and writes articles about TTEAM and TTouch. 

Andrea also breeds and trains Russian Polish Arabians.

She has been a certified Feldenkrais practitioner since 1987 and is teaching Feldenkrais lessons specifically designed for the Equestrian. Learn to improve any discipline of riding, by moving more efficiently, pain free and with greater body awareness. 

She is available for private TTEAM and Feldenkrais lessons and TTEAM clinics.

Untitled design-7.jpg
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