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Most horse owners sooner or later have an injured horse who needs to be on stall rest for one reason or another.

The horse can’t be ridden, needs to possibly have bandages changed and be given medications. Other than feeding, mucking and grooming many people think that “there’s not much else to do”, until the horse is well.

Not when you know how to do TTouch and have Essential Oils! They can be so useful!

These tools will help your horse be more comfortable, feel better and speed up the recovery, and they also enhance and deepen your relationship.

Many horses are not too happy to see you after a few times, when all you do is administer medications they don’t want to take and change bandages which can be unpleasant or even painful. To make it worse, most people “try to get it over with” since they know the horse does not enjoy the procedure. Rushing these things only adds stress to the situation for people and horses alike.

But, what else is there to do?

Consider putting a diffuser in your barn...out of your horses reach but close enough for them to get the benefit of the aromatherapy.

If your horse is restless and agitated choose calming oils such as Lavender, Serenity or even Vetiver.

If your horse has an infection reach for On Guard or Arborvitae.

If you horse is depressed and sulks, ask uplifting citrus oils to lift his spirits, such as Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss, Tangerine or Green Mandarin.

If your horse needs respiratory support consider Breathe, or Air X.

If your horse has trouble adjusting to stall rest diffuse Adaptive, a blend that lives up to its name and makes it easier for humans and horses alike to adapt to new circumstances.

Also take a few minutes and observe your horse. Usually we tend to focus just on the actual injury, and don’t take in account how the entire horse is affected.

How does he compensate for his injury?

If, for example his right hind leg is injured, note whether or not he can and will put his full weight on this leg. If he can’t, he is doing something to compensate. His left hind leg, as well as the front legs will have to bear more weight. How is he keeping the weight off the injured leg? Can you see that the muscles of his hindquarters on the right are doing extra work, maybe tensing up, or straining? Can you see that he uses the right side of his back more? If you look closely you can probably detect changes in his neck. Is he holding it off to one side, in order to balance? Is his tail held straight or also more to one side?

Slowly and with awareness run your hands all over his body and check the areas your saw overcompensate on a count of his injury. Doing “Lying Leopard TTouches” as I have described in my previous articles, especially in those areas will help you horse to feel better. You can use Aromatouch oil or Deep Blue to enhance these TTouches and bring comfort and relief.

You can also do Python Lifts on the other legs as well as on the injured leg.

A wonderful TTouch to use for bruises and sprains, around wounds or swellings is the Racoon Ttouch. A little Lavender or Tea tree goes a long way and enhances the healing effect of the TTouch.

I do not claim that TTouch actually heals anything, its know as the “TTouch that Teaches”, however it will help the cells to do their work more effectively.

When we are in flight and fright, in survival mode, we cannot learn and our energies are not free to go towards healing. For that we need to be in rest and digest, when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. The TTouches and oils help your horse to get into a state where he can actually go into a healing mode.

Light as most of the TTouches are, they affect the horse deeply and stimulate healing on a cellular level. While you work, be aware that each cell contains the potential for perfect functioning and healing. The circular TTouches awaken cellular intelligence. You can activate the function of cells that have maybe shut down during an accident or have been otherwise traumatized.

TTouch will help your horse heal not only his physical wound or injury but also help him release stress, pain, discomfort and trauma associated with getting injured or being sick.

Having an injured or sick horse is also stressful for you!

Consider doing something nice for yourself, using a calming oil with a Heart Hug and taking some deep, cleansing breaths.

Let go of fear and worry, the thoughts of the worst scenario outcomes! Then fill your heart with hope and possibilities, one breath, one TTouch at a time.

Imagine your horse being well, doing what you love together!


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