Consciously Creating the Life You Want

Welcome to my website where I share with you about my Arabian horses, Wellness lifestyle and many tools to connect to yourself and your family, including four leggeds on a deeper level. Here you will find insights about the tools I use everyday to uplevel my physical and emotional health and the well being of my loved ones: Essential Oils, Tellington Training and Aloe Vera.


I grew up in Germany and moved to the US in my early twenties to study how to train horses with Linda Tellington Jones. I now live in New Mexico on my beautiful ranch overlooking the Pecos River and raise Russian Polish Arabians, teach Tellington TTouch, the use of Essential Oils and benefits of Aloe Vera. I have a wonderful husband, three children and one grandson. 

I love teaching how to become more conscious of our habitual pattern of thought, emotion and movement and resulting from that the awareness that we have choices. Only when we have the ability to truly choose our actions, thoughts and movements are we free to do what we really want. I believe in responding  to life instead of reacting, leading to full response-ability and conscious creating.


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