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Heart Hugs

There is not much worse then finding your horse injured or sick when you get to the barn or pasture.

I have been through this a number of times and know how stressful and worrisome this is. Getting help for your horse is the first thing to do! After you have called the vet and made sure your horse is stable and out of immediate danger it is important to also take a moment for yourself. You need to be grounded and calm to make the best decisions for yourself and your horse.

Heart Hug TTouches are wonderful to use for a number of stressful situations, when you suddenly feel that you "can't think right"... which is absolutely true. Under stress humans and horses are in a High Beta brainwave state. Looping thoughts race through your mind, often creating fearful images of a worst case scenario outcome of the present situation. You can use this TTouch in any stressful situation, before tests, when the kids are sick, if you are nervous for any reason. Studies have shown that the Heart Hug TTouch causes the brainwaves to shift into Alpha, a brainwave state of relaxed awareness that makes it easy to visualize.

Under stress most of us have a tendency to hold our breath and the Heart Hug connects us to our breathing, which makes me always feel better right away.

If you have a calming oil on hand, for example Lavender, you can use it in combination with the Heart Hug. I call it the "Heart Hug Deluxe" and the oil affects the limbic center of the brain instantly. Just put a drop or two in the palm of your hand, lightly rub your hands together, cup them in front of your nose and inhale deeply.

If you don't have an essential oil on hand, just do the Heart Hug, it will work either way!

Here is how you do this amazing TTouch:

Place one hand on top of the other with the palms at the center of your chest at the level of your heart. Feel the warmth of your hands. Now visualize the face of a clock on your chest, under your hands with six o clock at the bottom of the circle closest to the ground. Begin at six o clock, inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through pursed lips, as if you were blowing out a candle, while slowly and gently pushing the skin in a circle and a quarter. Make sure your rhythm is consistent and stop art 9 o'clock. Then take another deep breathe in and out while your hands remain quietly at the 9 o'clock position.

Repeat this circle slowly three times.

Then visualize a place, person animal or event that makes you feel wonderful. Hold this thought while you repeat the Heart Hugs several times. Smile :)

You can make the circles in either direction, whatever feels best to you.

You can also do this:

With every breath OUT, let go and send off whatever it is that you don’t need or want in your being: Fear, hurt , anger, disappointment, worries…..let them all go-

With every In breath you take, Think of what it is that you would like to bring into your being: peace, happiness, calm, trust, faith…whatever you need.

Once the crisis is resolved acknowledge that this was a stressful event and do something nice for yourself. A cup of tea, a relaxing bath, maybe sharing with a friend what you experienced.

I know that its not always possible to do these things right away, but don't forget them! A little self care goes a long way and believe me it has taken me a long time to learn and actually do this! In fact I am still working on this, and that's OK, life is about learning for me and there is always more!

Untitled design-7.jpg
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